Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Box of Her Own

I haven't gotten my period in a disturbingly long time, seeing as how I don't appear to be pregnant. So where did it go?

At first, I wondered if I just wasn't eating healthily, but I weigh a reasonable amount. It's not like last spring when I looked a little skeletal and felt a little faint like I was living in the olden times when corsets were mandated.

I suggested to a friend that perhaps my uterus had fallen out without me noticing, like while I was sleeping. A stealth uterus, if you will. She compared it to Dexter.

Imagine, if you will...

A uterus, with a mind of its own. It crawled out to attend to its box, where it stores samples of semen from previous conquests like Dexter stores samples of blood from its victims. A box, with a box of its own. Although I prefer "a box of her own," because it gives it that Virginia Woolf feel. Imagine what a uterus could do if given a room of her own! Works of art! Photography!

And, of course, a comedically named festival celebrating turtles:

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