Thursday, August 6, 2009

Questions of the Day

I'm doing research for a paper I'm writing, and the book I'm using right now is kind of vague and unhelpful.

Two questions that are either only tangentially related to my topic or completely unrelated:

1) Why didn't the Philippines seem to connect more with their fellow Spanish colonies in North and South America? The book I'm using doesn't seem to mention anything like that at all, and it seems weird to me. The residents of all those colonies would have the same experience of being put down by the peninsulares, and the Manila Galleon put Mexico and Manila in direct contact.

2) Why don't people make fun of Spain the way they make fun of France? People mock France all the time for constantly losing wars, but Spain seems to have lost just as many and probably had a far greater fall from their vaunted heights than the French.

Inquiring minds (well, just mine) would like to know.

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